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It's Christmas in February Guys! (Non fiction organised writing. For family members only.) OH and Welcome to the I.B.T.C.!
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 A New Home

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PostSubject: A New Home   Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:12 pm

A New Home- Chapter One
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PostSubject: Re: A New Home   Fri Jun 10, 2016 12:02 am

(1st POV Aurora)
I stared down out of my window to the street below. The sun angrily beat on the hot cement almost created visible waves. There at our gate 2 freshman stood: one was a stocky hispanic girl with her hair in a messy bun and gym shorts on, the other was a poin-dexter type, scrawny and greased back hair. The boy pushed his glasses up nervously standing behind the woman whom was pressing the bell button rapidly and with determination.

This was my cue to head down stairs. *At least they came on time* I thought to myself. It is hard to get interviews over with when people show up when it is convenient for them. Personally I don't care to be up before sunset but all guild members needed to be present for recruiting days. That is all but our drunk of a leader who left it to us to fill the house.

I reached the bottom step, now in the middle of a semicircle of my house mates. The oldest of our group opened the door to the strangers. “Hey there, come on in! Da name’s Tyrin.” He positioned his enormous frame against the wall so they could squeeze into the foyer. Tyrin is kinda like our Captain regardless of real rank as he has been here the longest and takes full responsibility when we fuck up. There was only one annoying part to him in my opinion and it was what he was doing now. Sucking on his lip provocatively and eyeing the girl that just walked in.

The girl was first to speak of the two. “Yo, you guys can call me Ronn. This is the place for the gaming try out right?”

To my right I heard “That is correct” Matsuno was answering her. “Last year we had two seniors leave us. You are here to audition for their replacement.”
Another voice sounded from behind me. “Awe, is this all that showed up? Ray won't be happy if we are forced to accept the only two that walked in.” He shuffled his dark hair threw his fingers. “Honestly I’d rather go short that have total noobs to teach, no offence.”

“I’m no noob.” Ronn replied her hand on her hip. “I’ve never lost a Madden game.”

“Right. And what about you Nerd boy? We play MMOs so what qualifies you for being here?” The man behind me interrogated sarcastically. “Highest Tetris score world wide isn’t going to cut it.”

“Kerr!” Matsuno scolded. Not that is would deter him any.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Home   Fri Jun 10, 2016 1:12 am

(3ed POV)
Matsuno began writing on his clipboard. “Ignore him and tell me your name please.” He gestured with his pen to the young timid male.

“Neil Bradley…” His voice was almost a whisper. “And I excelle in combat MMO games like League of Legends and Dota.”

“Pfff. Neil?! Your name is as dweeby as you look.” A few members of the party began to giggle along with Kerr. “Were your parents trying to create a Dork when they named you?”

“No.” Neil shuffled back against the closed door.

“Will you leave him alone! He hasn't done anything to you yet.” The girl in front of Kerr turned to him with a scowl, her multi dyed hair swishing around over her shoulder. “Last I checked your own parents named you something humorous.”

“Hay!” Kerr jumped down her throat with equal rage. “Dont talk about my name! Like who the fuck names their children Aurora and Azrel while we are on the subject of stupid parents!”

The woman turned back around and approached the two newcomers, putting an arm around each of them. “He is a dick hole and you can say that to his face at any time. He is not aloud to hurt you, it is against house rules.” She reassured them of their safety. “I’m Aurora by the way.” She pointed to someone that apart from being a few inches taller looked exactly like her. “This is my brother Azrel. He doesn't bark or bite either.”
“I wouldn’t say that.” Azrel mumbled flashing high end fake fangs underneath black lipstick.

Aurora proceeded to introduce the others. “Most importantly is Matsuno; he is our resident parent. Please try to follow his rules, no one likes to hear him nag. If accepted he will collect your dues for the bills and what not. We run this house like one of the sororities here on campus, though we tend not to get as carried away with parties.”

The asian man nodded in agreement. “She is correct. It is unlikely that you will get much sleep at night due to neighboring fraternity houses and our own house members being up at all hours playing games. So if you can I recomend evening classes for your first fall term here. In addition to that if you are to join our guild you will need to have everything moved in and unpacked before freshman orientation.”

“Speaking of… How are we doing rooming this year?” One who had not spoken yet butted in. “I am NOT sharing a room with Aurora again!” She was a young Hindu woman that wore very flamboyant clothing.

“Well seeing there is no one else showing do you want to do room assignments now Matsu?”

Matsuno held up his hand to stop the interruptions. After a breath he addressed Ronn and Neil. “Do either of you want to stay with us at this point?”

“I know all the different energies can seem overwhelming at first but I’m sure you will both love it here!” Aurora added.

“This is the closest accepting house to the community basketball court so… ya. Why not.” Ronn mulled over cheerfully.

Neil seemed to be having trouble deciding. After a small squeeze from the girl in black beside him he nodded his head. He had dealt with people like Kerr his whole life, at least there might be a few other he could bond with over games here.

“Good. Give me just a few moments. Why don't you all go into the den.” Nodding to Matsu’s request 8 people made their way into the den for introductions as a kind of icebreaker. Matsuno went upstairs instead, sure to return with all kinds of paperwork and room assignments.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Home   

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A New Home
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